Zero Gravity Circulation System

Technical Specifications

Height 1249 mm
Length 1872 mm
Width 704 mm
Volume 95 liter
Output DN200
Motor Speed 10-300 RPM
*Flow (max) 40-400 m3/hour
*Flow efficiency <50% (interrupted)
Max height 30 meter
Adapters DN25-DN500

The pump is not affected by pressure from gravity, since it has dual piping and uses the energy from water coming down to push water up. Energy use is mainly dependent on friction in pipe (and valve) and must be calculated by our customers. Read more about the pump and energy here.
The specifications are for pumps working in optimal conditions, and might change. The values are therefore considered the optimal theoretical values. The specifications are without pump stand.

*Flow is interrupted, and it is reccomended to run two pumps or more in parallel.


Zero Gravity Operation

The Zero Gravity Pump is Patented in Norway and pending internationally.

It operates without being influenced by hydrostatic pressure, and is a zero-displacment pump, or a circulation pump.

The operation is a switching siphon, and two inputs/outputs are either pumping or closed as seen. It uses the counterweight principle where the water coming down, are pushing fresh water up. The operation is synchronous with the valve on the opposing side. The switching operation will exchange fluid in the pump housing, and replace the fresh water from your source with “used water” in your application.

If the operation is not understood from the video, please have a look at this small 2D animation with piston operation, or read how a switching siphon becomes a Zero Gravity Pump

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