About Us

About Us

The company was founded in September 2022 by the inventor Knut C. Brinch, due to a Norwegian patent and its international PCT application.

We are a small Team of engineers, and have been working with technology and innovations, to enable a future with energy-efficient solutions.

Our technology is called a Zero Gravity Pump, and can circulate water to any height without using energy when circulating against the hydrostatic pressure. Only flow velocity and resistance in the pipes influences the energy usage in this technology, saving up to 90% of the energy-usage.

Our intention is to sell Zero Gravity Circulation Systems relating to the invention.

The Team

We are a small team dedicated to this technology and to make this energy efficient circulation available to your company.


Jon Klyve

Chairman of the board

Jon is and have been a resource for our company and technology development for a long time. His background is Mechanical engineering.

“A good golfer has the determination to win and the patience to wait for the breaks”


Hans Kristian Omenaas

Innovation Director

Hans Kristian has his focus on innovation, and have a Master in Leadership and Innovation at MIT. His background is Automation.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”


Christer Dybvik Sunde

Sales Director

Christer is a man with a smile, and is great with people. He has a Master Degree in Automation. His background is Automation.

“Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about themselves, and small people talk about others”


Knut Brinch


Knut Brinch is an innovator and founder. He background is Automation, and he have a Master degree in the field.

“You can calculate, speculate and hope, or you can identify, create and execute! If you know it can be done better, you do it better”



Our team mainly focused on innovation within the field of PLC technologies, and got an idea for a circulation device when we had a meeting with automation personnel in the pumping company Framo. The pump they were working on was a recirculation pump, working at 15kW, capable of moving 15 thousand cubic meters of water an hour through a tube submerged in the sea. We knew that it was possible to do the same, but upwards, with a automation system and valves. The idea was born, and a patent was delivered.


The patent was approved in Norway, and was published in a magazine for land based aquaculture a short time after. The patent is entering an international phase, and will be more interesting for international investors when it is approved in major industrialized countries like the US and China.


Trying to promote a technology who claims it can transport water upwards nearly for free, was difficult. Even after the patent was published it was difficult to get people to understand that this technology is feasible, and that you would save enormous amount of energy by using it.


The product is now available for reservations. The product will still need some pre-production testing to verify the end specifications. But we are allowing for reservations, so that we can fast forward to a production-start during 2024. Reservations will enable companies with an energy-saving need to be the first to receive the products when they leave the production line.